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Special Endocrine Emergency Instructions

Stress Dose Steroids for Addison’s Patient undergoing major surgery:

  • Day one: 100mg Solu-cortef  IV on call to OR then 50 mg Q8 hrs

  • Day 2-3 : Solu-cortef 25 mg TID or Cortef 20 mg TID

  • Day 4-10: Cortef 20 mg BID

  • After day 10: reduce Cortef to 10 mg BID or the Nl maintenance dose

(You can copy this and take it with you to the treating surgeon.)


Patient with Addison's During Sick Days:

  • If having any minor stress due to fever, viral illness, pneumonia or any other infection, double or triple on your Cortef dose until the illness resolves, then return back to the maintenance resolve period.

  • If having any vomiting or diarrhea, you may not be absorbing the pills, then an injection of IM Solucortef is necessary and if not available, go to the emergency room to receive the injection. 

Thyroid Cancer Ablation Instructions:

  • Chew on Gums for the next 2 days after ablation

  • Hydrate yourself with fluid and have soft stool with 1-2 BM daily for 48 hrs after ablation

  • Avoid seafood until 2 weeks after ablation

  • Start the prescribed Synthroid dose the day after ablation

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